Nimagen Molecular Products

BigDye® Terminator 5X Sequencing Buffer


The 5X Sequencing Buffer reduces sequencing costs without affecting sequence accuracy or read length. Its buffer system enables to use less dye terminator mix.


DNA sequencing

Storage temperature


Recommended Protocol

Prepare sequencing reactions (10 ul rxn) according to the following:

  • Add dye terminator mix 0.1-0.2ul
  • Add 5X Sequencing Buffer 2ul
  • Add template (100-500 ng/ul) 1 ul
  • Add primer (3 pmol/ul) 1 ul
  • Add water to 10 ul

Cycle the reaction according to the following protocol:

  • 30 sec, 96°C => 15 sec, 50°C => 4 min, 60°C => Cycle 25 times

Other cycle conditions may work well for individual users. These conditions work well for most samples processed in our labs using reduced volume and reduced terminator mix concentrations.