Forensic DNA Analysis Kits

MPS library prep by Reverse Complement PCR: The only one-step NGS library prep method, enabling targeted amplification and NGS indexing in one closed-tube reaction. NGS targeted library prep will never be easier, simpler and safer. Sensitive, robust performance, Cost Effective, amendable for complete automation, including automated data analysis  



After more than thirty years of DNA analysis in forensics using classical methods such as PCR/Fragment Analysis by capillary electrophoresis, new technologies like Massive Parallel Sequencing (MPS) will revolutionize this field in the coming years. Not only will it be used to unravel complicated mixed DNA traces, it also reveals more information, is more sensitive and can be used with highly degraded DNA, or even unrooted hair. The implementation of MPS as the new standard for DNA analysis in forensics creates however some bottlenecks: The current workflows are very complicated and involve many steps, that introduce the risk for PCR contamination. Additionally, MPS is expensive compared to capillary electrophoresis. With the introduction of the novel and innovative RC-PCR technology, NimaGen removes those bottlenecks and opens the doors for the forensic community to make the transition in the coming years, following other genetics areas like human, plant, animal and microbiology.



DNA Sequencing typically involves multiple workflow steps, whether it is Sanger Sequencing (PCR followed by Cycle Sequencing) or MPS (capture / target amplification followed by a separate indexing step). RC-PCR is the only one-step NGS library prep method, as simple as a single PCR enabling targeted amplification and NGS indexing in one closed-tube reaction: Simply add your DNA to the pre-dispensed, indexed PCR tubes provided in the kit and run the PCR reaction in your thermal cycler. NGS targeted library prep will never be easier.




- IDSeek® SNP-ID 85-Plex Short Amplicon MPS Kit

- IDSeek® OmniSTaR™ Global 30-plex Short Tandem Repeat kit

- IDSeek® mYSTR™ Y-Chromosomal 27 Short Tandem Repeat kit

- IDSeek® Mitochondrial HVR and Full Genome Sequencing by NGS kits

- IDSeek® Ancestry and Phenotypic SNP typing by NGS kits


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How it works

All IDseek® Forensic DNA analysis kits are powered by the unique, patented, closed-tube RC-PCR Technology. See below a video animation on the working principle.

SNP, STR and Mitochondrial

SNP, STR and Mitochondrial

Short Tandem Repeat marker (STRs) analysis is the gold standard in forensics. DNA databases worldwide are built with STR data generated with a simple nomenclature convention, based on allele calling relative to known allelic ladders using fragment analysis on capillary electrophoresis systems. NimaGen’s IDseek® OmniSTaR Global and mYSTR adds extra benefits over classical CE analysis, like information of the actual sequence in and around the repeat motifs and compatibility with highly degraded samples due to the smaller amplicons. It is sensitive and generates ready-to-sequence, indexed and tailed amplicons of 30 common markers, in one multiplex, closed-tube reaction. All amplicons are designed to meet the shortest possible fragment lengths and are compatible
with Illumina MiSeq systems, using 2 x 300 bp sequence runs with 2 x 10 bp Unique Dual Index reads. This combination of state-of-the-art features with the automated data analysis without human intervention makes this kit the ideal solution for the transition from classical electrophoresis to Massive Parallel Sequencing.

In addition to the STR kits, NimaGen offers also two types of Mitochondrial Sequencing kits (HV Region and full genome), and a SNP-ID 85 Plex system, especially designed for very highly degraded DNA, with amplicons down to 50 bp. See "Reverse complement-PCR, an innovative and effective method for multiplexing forensically relevant single nucleotide polymorphism marker systems" of Magdalena Bus (august 2021).


Part numbers and pricing will be available soon. NimaGen is looking for bèta test sites, and invites you to contact us if you are interested in a testkit. 

Data Analysis

Open Source Analysis pipelines

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Automated Analysis and Reporting

One of the key benefits of DNA analysis by MPS, is the automated analysis and reporting. No human intervention is required for the interpretation of Massive Parallel Sequencing data, enabling faster sample-to-results times, no interpretation bias and less prone to errors. NimaGen is working with several leading Forensic Institutes for implementing IDseek data in their freely available data analysis pipelines. Contact us for more information.


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Unfortunately this product is not available
Product Information

RC-PCR, the next revolution in NGS Library Prep


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Compatible with any low- and mid throughput illumina® NGS sequencer of the latest generations

Premium features
Premium features

High performance, great value

The simplicity and security of RC-PCR.
Ideal for HTP automation.
Less handling steps, less risk of contamination or sample mix up, greater safety and reassurance.