Alpaqua® 24-, 48- and 384- Well Magnetic Plates

Alpaqua® Plates

The Magnum FLX24 employs solid-core concentric ring magnet architecture that enables up to 30% faster separation times and the ability to elute in as little as 40 μl. The Alpaqua Magnum FLX24 magnet plate is uniquely suited for all of these applications. The Magnum FLX24 magnet plate is designed to be compatible with most round, conical, and pyramid bottom 24 well deep well blocks, allowing the user maximum flexibility in labware choices.



24-well magnet plate with concentric NdFeB ring-based magnets and integrated Spring Cushion Technology for rapid bead separation in large volume samples. The concentric NdFeB ring magnet design of the MagPlate 24 provides for rapid and efficient bead separation from larger sample volumes.


The Catalyst 48 slotted ring magnet plate is designed to work with the 48 deep-well round bottom plate by Nest Scientific. Each well of that plate holds up to 3.5 ml, perfect for protocols that require that little bit of extra volume. The 48 well format fills the gap between 96-deep well plates, which top out at 2.2 ml, and the next step up, being a 24 well plate at 8-10 ml. The deepwell plates used with the Catalyst 48 Magnet Plate are made by Nest Scientific. SKU: 504102



Designed for use with 384-well PCR plates.  Contains 96 strong post magnets and integrated Spring Cushion Technology for high throughput magnetic bead separations. The perfect magnet for all high and ultra-high throughput genomic applications.