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About NimaGen:

NimaGen, located in Nijmegen in The Netherlands, was founded in 2011 under the Biolegio Holding by Ruud van der Steen (CEO Biolegio) and Joop Theelen (former Application- and Product Development Scientist at Applied Biosystems) with the desire to empower the DNA sequencing community. NimaGen specializes in life science applications in the molecular biology sector. Our portfolio consists of quality products focused on Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis, Nucleic Acid Purification and Clean-up and our novel Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) MPS/NGS Library Prep kits with Forensics, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, as well as Human Genetics applications. These are used by hospitals, universities, government institutions and industries worldwide. NimaGen is a fast-growing company that moved into a new building with modern office and laboratory facilities the beginning of 2023. Our dynamic work culture supports innovation and collaboration, which reflects in our slogan ‘’Innovators in DNA Sequencing Technologies’’!   


Interested in a Research and Development internship within our organization?

The internship topics at NimaGen can be broadly categorized into three themes, focusing on: 1. product improvement (storage, sustainability, transportation, robustness, cost reduction, etc.), 2. development of a new kit/panel or piloting new technology or 3. addition/expansion of existing kits. During an internship, students often work on one or more of these projects, depending on their progress and the student's affinity. We also have the possibility for topics that focus on bioinformatics. These can for instance be on automation or develop and setting up bioinformatic analysis pipelines.


As a company aiming for agility, we frequently shift our interests, so the final project for an internship will be relatively clear only shortly before the start. In practice, about a month in advance, we share the topics and collaboratively determine a good match with the student.


We value providing proper guidance to the student, and thus, leading up to an internship, we assess if we can offer support during that period. The number of available internship positions varies, and typically a student begins in September. Other potential starting opportunities are in the months of January through March.


To be considered for an internship, we request a letter of motivation and a CV. Based on these, we will select candidates and may invite you for an initial online or on-site meeting. We offer an internship with excellent guidance in a supportive team where your project contributes significantly to our company, and the outcomes may be applied to our product or operations. Additionally, we provide a monthly internship allowance of €300,-. 


For 2024 we are still open to applications for an internship starting September (laboratory/bioinformatics). We are looking for students in the final year of their study. 


If you wish to apply, please send in your letter of motivation and cv no later than May 1st to have a chance to be included in our selection ( By the 1st of June we will have finished finding the right candidate.

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