Coming Soon:                                        RC-PCR for Oxford Nanopore Technology Platforms! 


Since 2019 NimaGen’s have delivered the simplest and safest NGS library prep for Illumina amplicon sequencing with our EasySeq and IDSeek kits utilizing the unique Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) chemistry. 


With a single PCR step for both target amplification and NGS indexing and the simplicity of the workflow -with nominal handling steps minimizing assay set up time and maximizing sample security - our kits have gained huge popularity with our customers in Human Genetics, Forensic Genetics, Microbiology & Virology;- 

Especially during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic with the EasySeq WGS nCoV-2 Kit being utilized widely for testing and surveillance of clinical and wastewater samples in programs around the globe.


Now with RC-PCR for Oxford Nanopore Technologies, NimaGen aims to deliver the same superior ease of use and sample security for targeted sequencing library prep on ONT platforms. Bringing these improvements to even more of the sequencing community, coupled with the longer read and more rapid sequencing capabilities inherent to ONT sequencing. 


Due for launch later in 2023, we invite you now to register your interest and be amongst the first to hear more:  

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