IDseek®: The Next Revolution in Forensic MPS  

A complete new approach for Forensic DNA analysis, based on patented Reverse Complement PCR technology. One-step library prep kits for STR profiling, SNP identification, and mtDNA sequencing with unmatched sensitivity, robustness and simplicity. 
Forensic Science Challenges

Helping Forensics get Reliable Results Safer and Easier, providing Detailed Insights that allow for Informed Decision Making



Forensic DNA analysis is at an important stage in its development. New technologies have accelerated forensic research applications, and society - legal and law enforcement in particular - has more than ever before come to realize just how beneficial forensic DNA analysis can be for their own purposes. Consequently, customers of forensic laboratories are becoming more demanding, which brings new challenges, as laboratories become increasingly hindered in their forensic casework:

  • Sample throughtput, due to increasing number of (cold) cases and sample backlogs
  • Sample quantity available (input)
  • Sample quality, i.e. highly degraded samples, from a variety of sample sources and matrices
  • Discrimination power relative to paternity and deconvolution of mixed DNA samples
  • Technical and workflow limitations of current DNA-based methods used
  • Result interpretation and conclusion (science versus law)
  • Validation and certification of methods used




The First MPS assay that has the Potential to Compete with CE for Routine Forensic Casework

IDseek® comprises a complete range of STR, SNP and mtDNA based Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) solutions for Forensic DNA analysis, based on EasySeq™ Library Prep by RC-PCR technology, in combination with illumina® sequencing.


The IDseek® assay is the first MPS assay with a fast and straightforward RC-PCR based targeted library prep workflow that can compete with capillary electrophoresis (CE) based assays for routine application in Forensic casework. Post RC-PCR, samples are purified using AmpliClean™ Magnetic Bead Cleanup, providing sequence-ready libraries.


IDseek® MPS STR, SNP and mtDNA Kits add significant benefits over classic CE analysis:

  • RC-PCR simplicity and security: multiplex targeted amplification, sequencing indexing and adapter addition, simultaneously performed in a single closed tube
  • State-of-the art RC-PCR enzyme technology: robust and sensitive assays, even on extremely low quality input, raw material, and complex mixed DNA traces
  • Small amplicons facilitate analysis of highly degraded samples typically found in forensic casework
  • Greater multiplexing of autosomal STRs, Y-STRs, SNPs, and mitochondrial DNA control regions, avoiding the need for separate, secondary workflows
  • Full base-by-base sequencing in and around the repeat motifs
  • Library prep workflow automation is possible, allowing high-throughput analysis
  • Automated data analysis