Now available: Three new Alpaqua magnet plates

Catalyst 96 Slotted Magnet Plate
Designed for manual pipetting, this magnet plate pulls the beads to the sides, leaving space for the user to simply slide in their pipet tip without having to worry about disturbing the bead ring.

Catalyst96 Txt

Catalyst 48 Slotted Magnet Plate
The Catalys 48 magnet plate has the same great properties as its 96 well counterpart, but in 48 well format.

CAT48 Duo

MIDI Magnet - 24 Post Magnet Plate
The MIDI Magnet™ is designed specifically for the Abgene AB-0859 storage plate (often referred to as "MIDI Plate"), which is specified in many NGS protocols as the recommended microplate.



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