Introducing ReCap: Capillary Array Regeneration kit

One of the significant costs in the CE workflow is the capillary array.
Due to poor resolution, mobility and/or increased fluorescent background in one or more capillaries, the array will eventually need to be replaced after a certain number of runs.

ReCap™ Capillary Array Regeneration kit offers complete rejuvenation and revitalization of old and failing capillaries.

The kit can be used on capillary arrays showing a decline in resolution or displaying smears or tails in the electropherogram. Additionally, it will clean the instrument pump blocks, preventing or removing signs of yellow or red haze.


The kit contains 4 different buffer solutions, to be applied sequentially to the pump blocks and capillaries via the instrument’s inbuilt Water Wash Wizard protocol.
With ReCap™ maintain optimal performance, restore failing arrays to like new, see immediate data quality improvements and avoid the costs of purchasing a new array

More information can be found on the product page.

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