ESHG Conference 2022, June 11 - 14, Vienna, Austria RC-PCR NGS Library Prep and Clean-up Solutions for Human Exome Sample Tracking, and PALB2, BRCA1/2-CHEK2, and TP53 Associated Cancers                       

ESHG 2022

Also in 2022 NimaGen will be sponsoring and attending The European Human Genetics Conference.  

NimaGen will be present at ESHG 2022 in Vienna from June 11 - 14. Meet our team at Stand X5-468, and discover both our proven and newly developed NGS workflow solutions for (Breast)cancer Research and Human Exome Sample Tracking (HEST), based on patented Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR):

  • EasySeq™ RC-PCR PALB2 Sequencing Kit, for identification and prediction of PALB2 gene associated breast cancer
  • EasySeq™ RC-PCR BRCA1/2 + CHEK2 HS Sequencing Kit, for identification and prediction of hereditary breast cancer and increased risk for ovarian cancer
  • EasySeq™ RC-PCR TP53 Sequencing Kit, for identification and prediction of TP53 mutation associated breast cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcomas, brain tumors and adrenocortical carcinomas (ADC)  
  • EasySeq™ RC-PCR Human Exome Sample Tracking Kit, using an identification method intrinsic in the WGS/WES data of the biological sample, and incorporated into the existing NGS workflow
  • Alpaqua Magnetic Plate Bead-based Clean-up, the most frequently recommended magnet plates for use in NGS library construction and exome capture