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Formamide for Sample Resuspension and Loading in Capillary Electrophoresis

Intended use

Seq-DI™ is a highly deionized formamide used to resuspend samples (including DNA Size Standards) before electrokinetic injection on capillary electrophoresis systems. It is conveniently offered in 25 mL and 250 mL bottles. Ready-to-use.


Seq-DI™ Formamide is a proven, widely adopted and high quality sample loading reagent for 310, 3100, 3130 and 3730 Genetic Analyzers.

For optimal results

Seq-DI™ Formamide is a ready-for-use injection solvent on Genetic Analyzers. To warrant optimal results, store frozen and do not expose to air through frequent sampling.


If frequent sampling is required, dispense and freeze small aliquots into smaller tubes, to minimize freeze-thaw cycles, sampling, and exposure to air and room temperature.


Do not contaminate the formulation when sampling, as introduction of water, acids, bases, or salts can adversely affect the quality of the product.

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