Aneufast qf-PCR kit

Aneufast QF-PCR Aneuploidy Diagnostic Testing Kit

Trisomy & Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy Diagnostic Testing Kit

  • Ready to use, just add your DNA sample
  • Sample to result under four hours
  • IVD/CE certified
  • Extra marker included with each for chomosomes XY, 13, 18 and 21.
  • Optimized to work on all ABI genetic analyzers
  • Five Dye-labeling allows simultaneous analysis of several loci
  • Simple and automated analysis
  • Unique product with four pseudoautosomal markers for XY and mosaic aneuploidy cases


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  • Aneufast QF-PCR kit, 25 tests
    Quantitative Fluorescent PCR Kit
    SKU: MGL.ANF.25
  • Aneufast QF-PCR kit, 50 tests
    Quantitative Fluorescent PCR Kit
    SKU: MLG.ANF.50
  • Aneufast QF-PCR kit, 100 tests
    Quantitative Fluorescent PCR Kit
    SKU: MLG.ANF.100

The Aneufast™ QF-PCR diagnostic testing Kit is a molecular diagnostic assay used for rapid prenatal screening for and diagnosis of Trisomy 21 (down syndrome) , Trisomy 18(Edwards syndrome), Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) and Sex chromosomes Aneuploidies.

The Aneufast™ aneuploidy diagnostic testing kit contains a total of 35 markers in six ready to use mixes. The markers amplify the gender determining sequences Amelogenin-SRY and selected STRs. In approximately 96 percent of the cases a definitive result is given by two multiplex QF-PCR amplifications (S1 and S2) of 21 markers. The two assays are designed to be analysed in a single electrophoresis, therefore increasing the sample throughput.

Aneuploidy Diagnostic Testing Strategy

Aneuploidy diagnostic testing with the Aneufast™ kit is done by amplifying DNA extracted from fresh prenatal samples such as Amniotic Fluids, fetal blood or CVSs. The diagnostic kit can also be used to analyse adult and neonatal blood or tissue samples. Aneuploidy screening is done by amplifying five STRs on chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y. The markers are distributed in two multiplex QF-PCR assays, S1 and S2, to reduce the risk of sample mishandling. Agreement between results from the two multiplexe aneuploidy screenings allows diagnosis to be performed with two independent assays on each sample.

Each Aneufast™ kit is completed with extra chromosome-specific markers on chromosomes XY, 13, 18 and 21. The additional markers include up to 8 STRs on the X chromosome, 7 STRs on chromosomes 21 an 18 and 6 markers on chromosome 13. These sets of additional markers can be used when samples have fewer than two informative markers on each chromosome (homozygous). They can also be used to confirm any abnormal results and the inclusion of more markers increases the accuracy of the diagnosis. The markers also provide an opportunity to confirm sample identity.

Diagnosis of Turner Syndrome

The non-polymorphic marker in the MXY assay can also be used for the detection of  chromosome X monosomy.


Kit contents

Ready to use Multiplex PCR Mixes: S1/S2; ready to use backup Mixes: XY, 21, 18 and 13 (Primer, Polymerase, buffer salts, dNTPs).

Kit Storage

Fluorescent primers should be stored away from light. The Aneufast™ box is internally coated with aluminium in order to achieve maximum light protection. Aneufast™ is stable for up to one year if stored at -20°C. 

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