69M magnet plate 100x100

96M Magnum™ Plate - Alpaqua

  • Fast, Reliable Separation
  • Ring-shaped magnets for optimal efficiency
  • Universal plate


96M magnum


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The 96M Magnum Plate contains 96 of our strongest ring-shaped NdFeB magnets and integrated spring cushion technology. This ultra powerful magnet plate can perform your most challenging separations up to 40% faster. Ideal for use with viscous samples like blood and serum.

Fast, Reliable Separation

Magnetic bead samples placed on the Magnum Plate separate up to 40% faster than on our second-strongest plate, the 96S Super Magnet Plate.

Universal Plate

While designed especially for large volume separations of up to 2 ml in 96-deep-well plates, the Magnum Plate will work just as well with shallow-well and PCR plates, thus presenting a future-proof investment with maximum usability for a wide range of applications.

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