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Magnum-EX™ Universal Magnet Plate - Alpaqua

  • Improved version of the successful 96M Magnum Plate 
  • Fast, Reliable Separation
  • Universal Plate
  • Robotic Compatibilty


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  • PCR strip tube Adapter
    For Catalyst 96, Magnum EX, Magnum FLX
    SKU: P000555
  • Magnum-EX™
    Universal Magnet Plate - Alpaqua
    SKU: A000380


This Alpaqua magnet plate is an improved version of the successful 96M Magnum Plate. It contains the same, ultra powerful magnets, making it ideal for performing your most challenging separations.


Unlike its predecessor, this Alpaqua magnet plate is compatible with virtually any 96-well microplate, including Round-Bottom, Flat-Bottom, V-Bottom, Deep-Well or PCR plates. Furthermore, the elevated base of the magnet plate ensures full compatibility with virtually any automated liquid handling platform, including those with deep plate nests.


Fast, Reliable Separation

Magnetic bead samples placed on the Magnum EX Plate separate up to 40% faster than on our second-strongest plate, the 96S Super Magnet Plate.

Universal plate

While designed especially for large volume separations of up to 2 ml in 96-deep-well plates, the Magnum EX will work just as well with shallow-well and PCR plates, thus presenting a future-proof investment with maximum usability for a wide range of applications.

Robotic Compatibility

The tall base of the Magnum EX Universal Magnet Plate Alpaqua ensures compatibility with virtually all automated liquid handling decks, including those with deep plate nests.

Integrated Spring Cushion Technology

The Magnum FLX plate contains Integrated Spring Cushion Technology so you can get that last microliter without bending tips! Spring Cushion Technology allows the microplate to give was when tips come in contact with a well bottom, thus compensating for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors that can compromise precision aspiration.

Convert your Catalyst, Magnum EX or Magnum FLX magnet plate to be compatible with 0.5mL microtube strips, or single microtubes with this adapter.


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