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Manual magnet stand

Microtube Magnet Stand

For manual magnetic-bead cleanup using a single- or multichannel pipette

  • Compatible with 12 tube PCR strips
  • Ideal for manual cleanup
  • Extra strong neodymium magnets for faster separation


Manual magnet stand L


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  • Multimag 12-well microtube magnet stand
    For manual single- or mulichannel pipetting
    SKU: M000200

Magnetic-bead based cleanup kits have been widely adopted in automated workflows for sequencing and PCR cleanup, library construction and more. Combined with magnet plates from Alpaqua® this method has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective and efficient way of automated purification.

For manual cleanup the magnet plates are less effective. Due to the ring-shaped magnets, the beads accumulate in a circle at the sides of each well in the PCR plate. This makes manual pipetting a difficult and time consuming task.

NimaGen's magnet stand resolves this problem. The stand is compatible with 12 tube PCR strips and is fitted with strong NdFeB magnets only on one side. Now you can slide your pipette tip down one side of the tube, without having to worry about disturbing the accumulated beads. Making the wash and elution procedures easy and quick. 


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