BleuStar PCR Master Mix

2x BlueStar™ PCR HotStart Master Mix-MCLab

Hotstart PCR master mix with gel loading dye

  • Blue loading dye allows tracking during gel electrophoresis
  • Storage under 4°C, no freeze-thaw
  • High sensitivity and yield
  • High fidelity and robust amplification


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Ordering information

  • 2x BlueStar™ HotStart PCR Master Mix, 1 ML
    100 rxns; 10μl/rxn
    SKU: BSPM-100
  • 2x BlueStar™ HotStart PCR Master Mix, 10 ML
    1000 rxns; 10μl/rxn
    SKU: BSPM-200

Worry-free for the freeze-thaw associated performance degradation. 2x BlueStarTM PCR Master Mix could be stored at 4 oC up to 6 months without loss in performance. Simply aliquot half the volume for each reaction, add template DNA, primers and water, you are ready to go. The premixed blue dye will save your time and you may load the PCR sample after reaction on to agarose gel directly, no need for loading dye. With the high fidelity DNA polymerase in the mix, you could use this master mix not only for the routine clone screening but also for gene cloning directly from the genomic DNA or cDNA reverse transcribed from mRNA.

Recommended storage conditions

Room temperature

PCR conditions

  1. Prepare your reaction at room temperature.
  2. Add template, primers and H2O to make up ½ of the desired total volume, and then add equal volume of 2x master mix.
  3. The master mix contains high fidelity DNA polymerase.
  4. The elongation speed of this master mix is about 2 Kb per minute.
  5. The blue dye runs at about 1 Kb position in agarose gel.bluestar vs gotaq.png
  • PCR amplification of templates for molecular cloning
  • PCR screening for positive clones
  • End point PCR for genotyping
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