Hotstart PCR master mix

2x HotStart PCR Master Mix-MCLab

Designed for easy handling & low background

  • Solves the primer-dimer problem
  • All the handling can be done at room temperature
  • Better than or as good as ABI's AmpliTaq Gold
  • Fast setup time
  • Extremely competitive pricing


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The HotStart PCR Master Mix consists of a HoTaq DNA Polymerase, chemically modified to inhibit activity until thermic activation at 95ºC. This utilizes the possiblity for handling to be done at room temperature and reduced the background noise (e.g. primer-dimer). Like our Universal Taq Master Mix, this HotStart mix provides robust and reliable performance for demanding PCR experiments in which high specificity and high sensitivity are desired.


  • TA Cloning
  • Genotyping
  • Multiplex (multiple pairs of primers) PCR


At -20ºC for long term storage

Please follow the instructions below for each PCR reaction (20 ul final volume, can be done at room temperature):

  1. Mix DNA template and primers
  2. Add H2O to total 10 ul
  3. Add 10ul 2X HotStart Taq PCR Master Mix
  4. Set the first PCR step to 95ºC for 10 minutes to active the HoTaq
  5. Continue PCR as usual
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