Hotsybr mastermix

2x HotSybr Real-Time PCR Kit-MCLab

High performance Sybr® Green Real-Time PCR master mix

  • Similar features to ABI's Power Sybr® Green PCR Master Mix
  • High sensitivity: Less than 10 copies detected per well
  • Wide dynamic range: More than 5 orders of magnitude
  • Consistent batch-to-batch reproducibility: ±1.0 fluorescence threshold


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MCLabs' 2X HotSybr Real-Time PCR Kit is similar to ABI's Power Sybr® Green PCR Master Mix. It delivers highly sensitive nucleic acid quantitation. As few as 1-10 copies of a target sequence can be detected. The design of the master mix enables reliable DNA amplification results and lot to lot variation in assay performance is minimized.

Fast sample to result


  • Normally the total reaction time is 4350 sec: 95°C, 10min => (95°C, 15sec => 60°60sec) x 50
  • For 2X HotSybr PCR Reaction Mix, the total reaction time is reduced to 2350 sec: 95°C, 10min => (95°C, 5sec => 60°, 30sec) x 50

Recommended Reaction Conditions

95ºC, 10 minutes > (95ºC, 5 seconds > 60ºC, 30 seconds) for 50 cycles > melting curve.

Recommended storage condition


  • Dye based qPCR: including DNA quantification
  • 2-step RT-PCR
  • SNP analysis 

To achieve the best performance, appropriate software, such as ABI Primer Express™, should be used to design primers with 50ºC~65ºC melting temperature. Further guidelines are:

  • Amplicon size should be small, <150bp
  • Avoid secondary structures in primers
  • Avoid more than 3 consecutive Gs in primers
  • Primers should not have complementary 3'-ends
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