One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR kit

One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR Kit-MCLab

Alternative for ABI's TaqMan One-Step RT-PCR Master Mix Reagents Kit

  • Similar features to ABI's TaqMan® One-Step RT-PCR Master Mix Reagents Kit.
  • Combine reverse transcription and cDNA amplification into one step
  • HoTaq One-Step RT-PCR Master Mix is faster than competing brands

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  • 2x HoTaq One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR Master Mix, Regular ROX
    40 rxn of 25μl end volume
    SKU: HTRT100
  • 2x HoTaq One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR Master Mix, Regular ROX
    200 rxn of 25μl end volume
    SKU: HTRT200

MCLabs' HoTaq One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR Master mixes enables a quick and simple way to detect and analyze mRNA expression levels by combining the reverse transcription and the Real-Time PCR in one reaction tube. This leads to less pipetting and sampling errors resulting in low variation and contamination potential. Due to the need of gene specific primers for the Reverse Transcriptase step, the HoTaq One-Step Real-Time PCR Master Mix is a useful tool to analyze a minor quantity of genes over a high sample value.


Reverse transcription and probe based quantitative PCR for gene expression.

Recommended Reaction Conditions

55ºC, 15 minutes > 95ºC, 10 minutes > (95ºC, 5 seconds > 60ºC, 30 seconds) for 50 cycles. Supplied reverse transcriptase is 

Recommended Storage Conditions


Fast sample to result



To achieve the best performance, appropriate software, such as ABI Primer Express™, should be used to design primers with 50ºC~65ºC melting temperature and 68ºC~70ºC for probes with 17~30 nucleotides in length. Further guidelines are:

  • Amplicon size should be small, <150bp
  • Avoid secondary structures in primers and probes
  • Avoid more than 3 consecutive Gs in primers and probes
  • Tm of probes should be circa 10ºC higher than flanking primers
  • Primers should not have complementary 3'-ends
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