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D-pure DyeTerminator Clean-up (Magnetic beads)

Magnetic-bead based clean-up kit for DyeTerminator removal


  • Efficient removal of cycle sequencing reaction contaminants
  • Straightforward protocol
  • Proprietary formula
  • Utilizes SPRI® technology
  • No C-degradation
  • Very competitve prices
  • Ideal for high-throughput applications


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  • D-pure DyeTerminator clean-up, 5 ML
    Magnetic-bead based clean-up for DyeTerminator removal
    SKU: DP-005
  • D-pure DyeTerminator clean-up, 50 ML
    Magnetic-bead based clean-up for DyeTerminator removal
    SKU: DP-050
  • D-pure DyeTerminator clean-up, 500 ML
    Magnetic-bead based clean-up for DyeTerminator removal
    SKU: DP-500

D-Pure™ DyeTerminator Removal kit is a magnetic bead-based, high-throughput purification method for DNA sequencing reactions. The kit consists of a magnetic beads solution that is based on Solid Phase Reversable Immobilization (SPRI®) technology. With this paramagnetic bead format you can easily perfom manual or fully automated, high-throughtput dye-terminator removal without centrifugation or filtration steps.

Each component has been optimized for removing salts and unincorperated DyeTerminators from DNA sequencing reaction mixtures. The purified DNA products are more stable than the leading competitor's magnetic beads: Agencourt CleanSEQ®. Furthermore, the reagent can be easily adapted in your current system, because the protocol is identical.

Alpaqua magnet plates

NimaGen also offers Alpaqua magnet plates, the leading brand for magnetic separation devices. The plates are used in combination with D-pure DyeTerminator removal or other magnetic bead-based products and are optimized for automation.


Download the Hamilton and NimaGen application note.

Hamilton, Radboud University Medical Center and NimaGen have developed a method for fully automated sequence purification with maximum throughput, quality and reliability. There is no need for manual intervention such as centrifugation or vortexing. Samples processed with D-Pure on the Microlab® STARlet are clean and ready for analysis on an automated sequencer. The purified products showed high stability and low peak degradation with very low variation in sample-to-sample signal strength resulting in reduction of overloaded samples, less need for re-injection and less effort for signal normalization, compared to manual purification.

In the application note is described how NimaGen's D-Pure™ DyeTerminator Removal Kit, in a fully automated procedure with the Microlab®STARlet, can greatly increase the throughput and reproducibility in sequencing sample purification.

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