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ExS-Pure™ enzymatic PCR cleanup kit

Simple, fast and reliable enzymatic PCR clean-up


  • 5 minute protocol
  • Removes primers and dNTPs from PCR products
  • Newest generation of heat-labile enzymes
  • Add directly to your PCR product
  • Easily incorporated in automated workflows
  • 100% sample recovery



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NimaGen’s ExS-Pure™ Enzymatic PCR cleanup is designed for fast and easy PCR cleanup. The reagent kit consists of two recombinant hydrolytic enzymes: Exonuclease-I and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase. Together they eliminate all unwanted dNTP’s and residual primers from your PCR products, which would interfere with downstream applications, such as sequencing, SNP analysis, genotyping or cloning.

How does it work?
Exonuclease I is an enzyme with 3' to 5' exonuclease activity. When introduced to a reaction mixture and heated to 37ºC, the enzyme degrades excess single-stranded primer oligonucleotides while leaving the double-stranded PCR products unaffected. Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (rSAP) is a multipurpose alkaline phosphatase that removes 5'-phosphates from dNTP's and proteins. Both enzymes can be fully inactivated by heating to 90ºC for 1 minute. The combination of these two enzymes ensures complete dephosphorylation of dNTP's and degradation of residual primers. There is no need for buffer exchange, because the reagents are active in commonly used PCR buffers.

100% Sample recovery
With ExS-Pure™ there is no need for time-consuming gel, column or magnetic bead purifications. Both short and long stranded PCR products are left completely intact.

Maximize your data quality from PCR products
DNA sequencing, SNP analysis and many other applications require PCR products which are free of dNTP's and primers. For DNA sequencing, unincorporated primers and dNTP's can lead to high background and miscalling of bases. With Ex's-Pure you can efficiently remove these contaminants and make improvements in read length and base calling.

Chromatograph 1 shows a sample that has undergone PCR cleanup with ExS-Pure. Chromatograph 2 shows a sample without PCR cleanup. Significant improvements in overall sequence quality can be seen as a direct result of ExS-Pure.

Minimal hands-on time: just add ExS-Pure™ to your reaction mixture and the cleanup is performed in a single tube or microtiter well.

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