Sequencing Enhancement Buffer for BigDye

Dilute your BigDye® up to 64x with this BigDye enhancing buffer!

  • Up to 64 (0.125 µl bigdye in 10 µl reaction) or more fold dilutions by combing with the 5X dilution buffer.
  • Enhances the polymerase activity and reduces the extension time from 4 to 1 minute.
  • Reduces signal decline rate and results in even peak distribution.
  • Optimizes for use with BigDye Chemistry (ABI) on 377, 3100, 3130/3130XL & 3730/3730XL.

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Ordering information

  • BDE-100: 2.0 µl
  • BigDye3.1: 0.125 µl
  • 5X dilution buffer: 1.5 µl 
  • Template: 100 ng
  • Primer: 3.2 pmole
  • Add H2O to 10 µl

Storage at -20°C 

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