DNA Size Standard

DNA Size Standards-MCLab

Cost-efficient size standards designed for ABI Genetic Analyzers

  • Red and Orange DNA size standards, 500 bp
  • Double Peak DNA size standard, 500 bp 
  • Red and Orange size standards, 600 bp


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DNA Size Standard series products are internal lane standards that are intended to be used in assigning sizes to DNA fragments on fluorescence-detecting instruments. The common applications include genotyping and DNA fragment Analysis. Each of these standards consists of 15 DNA fragments, ranging in 50, 75, 100, 139, 150, 160, 200, 250, 300, 340, 350, 400, 450, 490 and 500 bp. Each band is single-stranded and fluorescence-labeled either with carboxy-x-rhodamine (Rox dye) or MCLAB's proprietary fifth orange dye. Size fragments are evenly distributed and can be used for very accurate size calling.

  • Red DNA Size Standard: has been adapted on DNA fragment analysis software, e.g. GeneMapper (ABI) and GeneScan (ABI) by using same parameters as ABI's GeneScan 500 ROX Size Standard.
  • Orange DNA Size Standard: can be used at the same setting as of ABI's GeneScan 500 Liz Size Standard (the relative size of MCLAB's Orange Size Standard is slightly different with ABI's Liz 500). Please look at the supporting data tab.
  • Double Peak DNA Size Standard: similar to Red/Orange DNA Size Standard, except every fragment is accompanied by an one-base-plus band. For example, 50 becomes 50 and 51, 75 become 75 and76, etc. This single base separation is very useful for monitoring the performance of the installed capillary arrays


  • Stable at 4°C or -20°C for 6 months
  • Do not repeatedly freeze-thawing

  • DSM

Orange DNA Size Standard: (The relative size of MCLAB's Orange Size Standard is slightly different with ABI's Liz-500) Designed for both fragment analysis and DNA sequencing applications. 15 DNA fragments ranging in 51.11, 75.71, 100.73, 139.81, 149.80, 160.75, 200.81, 250.78, 300.79, 340.78, 350.78, 400.80, 450.78, 490.82 and 500.90 bp.

Importing the MCLab_LIZ500 Size Standard into GeneMapper Version 4.0 Software

The MCLab_LIZ500.xml file is available for download at:

DNA Size Standard MCLab_LIZ500 

Save MCLab_LIZ500.xml file to a known location on your computer.
1. Select “Tools”, then “GeneMapper Manager”.

2. Select the Size Standard tab.

3. Select “Import”.
4. Browse to the location of the MCLab_LIZ500.xml file.
5. Highlight the file, then select “Import”.
6. Select “Done” to save changes and exit the GeneMapper Manager.

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