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NimaPOP Running Buffers

For NimaPOP polymers

With NimaPOP-4™ NimaPOP-6™ and NimaPOP-7™:

NimaPOP 10x Running Buffer is preferred.

When using NimaPOP-7 for 3500 series genetic analyzers:

The NimaPOP™ 10x running buffer is available in a quantity of 60ml, enabling you to make up 600ml buffer.

The process is easy; just empty the used containers, rinse and refill with the new buffer.
Replace the used RFID label with the new label supplied with the NimaPOP™ buffer.

With every bottle of 10x NimaPOP running buffer, you’ll receive 4 new RFID labels for the ABC and 4 new labels for the CBC container.

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Ordering information

  • NimaPOP 10X Running Buffer (with EDTA), 25 ML
    Use with NimaPOP Polymers
    SKU: NIB-025
  • NimaPOP 10X Running Buffer (with EDTA), 100 ML
    Use with NimaPOP Polymers
    SKU: NIB-100
  • NimaPOP 10X Running Buffer (with EDTA), 500 ML
    Use with NimaPOP polymers
    SKU: NIB-500
  • NimaPOP 10X Running Buffer For 3500 series (Data Collection Software v1.0)
    Incl. RFID chips, 60 ML for 4 refills total
    SKU: NIB-3500
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