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The EasySeq NGS Targeted Capture Kits provide a complete workflow for routine Next Generation DNA sequencing. Using sequence capturing with single molecule Molecular Inversion Probes (smMIP)1, followed by a barcoding Amplification step, the system enables sequencing of Oncology HotSpots in a simple, fast and robust workflow, resulting in 100% coverage of the coding regions with double probe tiling by two independent probes.

For data analysis, NimaGen is partnerring with JSI Medical Systems logo-JSIto provide a powerful all-in-one solution for robust high-throughput variant detection and interpretation the NGS data.

NGS Sequencing kits

The kits contain reagents for capturing the complete coding regions and subsequently tag the specific sample sequences with unique barcoding, enabling sequencing of up to 384 DNA samples in one sequence run. The resulting libraries are compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms.

1 Hiatt et al., Genome Res. 2013 May: 23(5):843-854 

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Compared to other commercial available sequencing enrichment systems, EasySeqTM NGS kits deliver high quality data with complete and optimized coverage for all exons in both genes without the need of fragmenting the DNA. The nucleotides of the regions are covered by 2 independent smMIP probes for highly trustable data.

In addition, the smMIP pool, provided in this kit, contains genome-wide SNP-MIPs: >45 probes are targeting a set of highly variable Single Nucleotide positions, divided over the Human Genome, enabling sample tracking and heritance checking.

The robust workflow consists of a limited number of hands-on steps, is compatible with standard 96/384 well formats and amendable for automation for high-throughput labs. For downstream data analysis, NimaGen recommends SeqNext from JSI medical systems. Analysis settings templates for the EasySeq generated sequence data will be available thru JSI (www.JSI-medisys.de).A further, unique feature of smMIP enrichment is the extreme high rate of quantitative reproducibility in coverage. Due to the single molecule tag of 8 degenerative bases, the generated data can distinguish original, unique captures from reads caused by amplification bias. This enables researchers to minimize read errors, and discovery of very low mutation rates with the generated sequencing data, even on DNA derived from FFPE samples.

In 2017, NimaGen, in collaboration with Radboudumc, will further expand the range of NGS targeted enrichment kits based on smMIPs. Some of the new kits will be:

- A gene panel for Cardiovascular diseases

- A gene panel for Pharmacogenetics

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