Alpaqua Automation Accessories - Alpillo® Plate Cushion

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Alpaqua Alpillo® Plate Cushion


Provides flexible microplate support on liquid handling decks to compensate for physical tolerances between labware and pipettors and enable more precise automated pipetting at the bottom of the wells.


Compensates for physical tolerances between labware and the hard surface that can make automated precision pipetting at the well bottom difficult

Premium features
Premium features

High performance, great value

Get that last drop without worry
Protects instruments & consumables
Improves pipetting consistency
Maximizes usage of reagents & samples
Minimizes tip occlusion & head contamination
Accelerates automated method development

News | 17.10.22

Elite Traders (Pakistan): Welcome to the NimaGen Distributor Network!

Elite Traders have more than a decade of experience in the scientific community, which allows them to optimally assist our customers in Pakistan with their expertise. In addition, their four offices allow for a close collaboration with customers throughout the country. We are looking forward to our strengthened collaboration with Elite Traders and are positive that they will provide added value for our customers in Pakistan.