GenePurgeDirect™ Sample Preparation Reagent - 8 mL reagent for 400 preps

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Direct release of DNA from cells, via lysis in PCR tubes, in 5 minutes only


A proprietary reagent which releases DNA from whole blood, cell cultures and bacterial colonies. Lysis is accomplished directly in the amplification tube on a thermocycler. GenePurgeDirect™ greatly simplifies the amplification of genomic DNA by avoiding the requirement to purify DNA.


A variety of sample types, including blood, sputum, bacteria, yeasts, and tissue cultures, as well as bacteriophages, paraffin embedded tissues, biopsies, mouse tails, and plant tissue.

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News | 17.10.22

Elite Traders (Pakistan): Welcome to the NimaGen Distributor Network!

Elite Traders have more than a decade of experience in the scientific community, which allows them to optimally assist our customers in Pakistan with their expertise. In addition, their four offices allow for a close collaboration with customers throughout the country. We are looking forward to our strengthened collaboration with Elite Traders and are positive that they will provide added value for our customers in Pakistan.