Index Primer Plate U08 96 Unique Dual Indexes

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The 96-well plate provides a ready-to-use format for indexing, making your workflow easier and faster, while eliminating the risk of pipetting incorrect index combinations. The familiar dual indices are supplied as a single reaction per well, each well containing a unique combination.

UDI01 & UDI02

Four different index plates are available, each containing unique index combinations. Combining all four plates allows for processing of 384 samples in a single run. The plates can be used for both manual pipetting and in automated workflows.

Premium features
Premium features

Using the unique dual indexing strategy will make sure that your libraries will sequence and demultiplex with the highest accuracy across all Illumina sequencing platforms.

When preparing libraries for multiplexing, Illumina encourages customers to use unique dual indexing (UDI) whenever possible.

Multiple index plates available
Mitigation for filtering index-hopped reads seen in downstream analyses
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