iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup Kit, Resin Based, 40000 preps

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iX-Pure™ Resin-based DyeTerminator Removal

Cycle sequencing clean-up

The iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup kit purifies the cycle-sequencing reaction by removing unwanted components such as unincorporated dye terminators, dNTPs, and salt ions. This prevents their co-injection with the sequencing products.


iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Clean-up Kit is a widely adopted, rapid and easy to use purification method for DNA sequencing reactions, removing the need for traditional purification methods, such as ethanol precipitation.


iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Clean-up Kit is conveniently offered in low to medium to high-throughput packaging, ranging from 100, 1,000 and 2,500 to 40,000 sample preps respectively.


The kit consists of only two reagents:

-       iX-Pure™ Resin
-       iX-Pure™ Activator

These reagents can be added premixed or sequentially. Clean-up is complete in under 40 minutes and requires less than 10 minutes of labor time.

Premium features
Premium features

iX-Pure™ helps improving the sequencing workflow, either manually or automated, with reduced hands-on time and a minimum of consumables required.

BigDye XTerminator is a trademark of Applied Biosystems, LLC.

Eliminate liquid transfer, using a single plate
Efficient removal of cycle sequencing reaction contaminants
Straightforward and rapid protocol
Reliable and reproducible results, excellent short fragment recovery
Compatible with BigDye XTerminator™ run modules
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