NimaPOP 7 for 3500 series (960 samples)

SKU: NIP7-960
Product Information

The NimaPOP-7 Polymer is a separation matrix for performing DNA sequencing and Fragment analysis.


Recommended for Standard Sequencing and Fragment analysis.


For 3500 Genetic analyzers. RFID chips provided are only compatible with DataCollection software v1.0

Premium features
Premium features

NimaPOP-7 provides uniform quality and consistency for highly reproducable results.

These polymers have an excellent dynamic coating and separating ability with all different applications. NimaPOP polymers can be used without any requirement for changes in run protocol, conditions or spectral calibrations.

RFID compatible with DataCollection v1.0 only
Highly reproducible results

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I have a different DataCollection software version than v1.0, can I still use your products?

Yes, software version v3.1 and above will allow you to ignore all instrument hardstops. This enables the re-using of old ABI chips on your instrument.