EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit, 96 rxn

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Inherited Disorders
CFTR HotSpots Sequencing kit

CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit (CE-IVD)


The intended purpose of this assay is NGS library preparation for Illumina® sequencing of human CFTR Hotspots; to aid in diagnosis of (the congenital predisposition to) cystic fibrosis by detecting sequence variants.

The assay is designed for use with DNA extracted from peripheral blood. Specimens should have an absorbance ratio (260/280) of ~1.8, regardless of the extraction method used.



For In Vitro Diagnostic use only. 


CE-IVD approved.


Intended Use

The assay provides reagents for Multiplex Amplicon-based NGS library preparation and is for professional use only.

The kit is based on the patented Reverse Complement PCR technology, providing a safe, robust and simple workflow, combining multiplex amplification in a single reaction, decreasing the risk of PCR contamination and sample swapping.

Compatible with almost all Illumina® NGS sequencing platforms

Ordering Information and Contents

Order Requirements

Kit Content: RC-CFHS096-I (-20 °C storage) 





To be ordered separately: IDX096-U01D-I or IDX096-U02D-I (max 25 °C storage)



-RC-PCR Probe Panel (REF: PM-CFTR-HS) Tube 24 μL
-2x Master Mix (Hot Start HiFi) (REF: MMHS096) Tubes 1.15 mL
-Probe Dilution Buffer (REF: RC-PDB) Tube 500 μL


-2x 96-well IDX* Primer Plates, dehydrated, coloured, 96 Unique Dual, 10 bp Indexes for Illumina® with Alpha Numeric Coding Caps
-2x 12 Domed 8-Cap Strips


*IDX plates are semi-skirted, ABI style PCR Plates, breakable per 8 tubes, containing dehydrated and stabilized Unique Dual Index primer pairs in each well and a red tracking dye, ready to use.

The reagents do not contain any tissues or substances from human or animal origin.

Premium features
Premium features
CE-IVD approved
Indexing and amplification in a single tube and single reaction
Cost-efficient workflow, confidence in test results, choice and flexibility