EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit, 1 pool/sample, incl. PCR Master Mix, 96 rxn

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Rapid Cystic Fibrosis Profiling Using CFTR Gene Hotspots Resequencing

Intended use

EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit, powered by patented Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) technology, facilitates an accurate detection of published cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator (CFTR) hotspot mutations of the CFTR gene in a targeted resequencing assay, that is purpose-designed for fast and efficient lab processing. 


EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit offers a one-tube single-reaction multiplex assay, comprising an optimized panel of 50 hotspots of the human CFTR gene, including the most common mutations found in the European population.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


The EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots multiplex RC-PCR covers 50 targeted SNPs, generating 30 amplicons that can be sequenced on Illumina® benchtop platforms iSeq, MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq and production-scale sequencers HiSeq and NovaSeq. 


The EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit contains a single multiplex PCR primer pool and PCR Master Mix. Universal Index Plate and AmpliClean™ magnetic beads are ordered separately to complete the workflow from input DNA to sequencing-ready NGS libraries.


Please note: EasySeq™ CFTR HotSpots Sequencing Kit is designed to sequence the set of 50 exonic targets using a single probe pool reaction. This requires one Unique Dual Index Plate for associated use.


The EasySeq™ CFTR Sequencing Kit allows direct amplification of DNA isolated from human peripheral blood, saliva or buccal swab. The kit is tested and validated for an input DNA amount of 20 ng.

Premium features
Premium features

Cost-efficient Workflow - Confidence in Test Results - Choice in Sequencing Platform and Workload

One closed-tube, single reaction workflow with simultaneous indexing and target amplification reduce hands-on time, pipetting error and minimizes risk of sample contamination
Pre-spotted and breakable Unique Dual Index plates ensure accuracy, match your sample workload and ensure optimal usage, minimizing waste
Single tube sample pooling for library clean-up significantly reduces usage of required magnetic beads and consumables
Unique RC-PCR kinetics promote high-target specificity, sensitivity and coverage uniformity (optimized read depth balance, >97%) from low DNA input
Well-balanced read distributions and use of phase-shifted primers reduces PhiX spike-in, maximizing sequencing instrument flow cell capacity
Compatible with various Illumina® platforms and liquid handling systems for medium to high-throughput workflows