Human exome sample tracking and Identification kit, 96 rxn

€ 1.928,00
€ 1.928,00
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An optimized panel of SNPs, providing a genotypic profile which can be utilized to extract intrinsic identifiers from human genomic DNA.

EasySeq RC-PCR

Based on RC-PCR technology, making NGS library prep as simple as a single PCR with just a single tube, single step reaction for both targeted amplification and NGS indexing. Simply add your DNA to the pre-dispensed PCR tubes provided in the kit and run the PCR reaction in your thermal cycler. After the cycling ends, just pool all tubes together, perform a single tube bead cleanup and add the library to your sequencing run

High discriminatory power

The SNP profiles have high discriminatory power, even in large datasets. The profile derived from this panel can be compared to an independently genotyped profile for the same individual, allowing accurate validation of data and sample pairings.

Premium features
Premium features

Complete single step library preparation kit with simultaneous amplification and NGS indexing

Single step library preparation
Easy inter and intra project sample tracking
Suitable for both Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing studies
High power of discrimination: Over 1 in 85,000