EasySeq™ TP53 Sequencing Kit, 96 rxn

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EasySeq™ TP53 Sequencing Kit, 96 rxn

TP53 Sequencing Kit (CE-IVD)


The intended purpose of this assay is NGS library preparation for Illumina® sequencing of the human TP53 gene coding exons, including a minimum of 20 bases upstream and downstream of each exon; to aid in diagnosis and or prognostication of cancer by detecting acquired mutations within the TP53 gene; to aid in diagnosis of congenital predisposition to cancer by detection of germline mutations in the TP53 gene (Li-Fraumeni syndrome).


The lower detection limit of this assay is 5% variant allele frequency.


For In Vitro Diagnostic use only. 


CE-IVD approved.


Intended Use

The assay is designed for use with DNA extracted from peripheral blood or tumour tissue. Specimens should have an absorbance ratio (260/280) of ~1.8, regardless of the extraction method used.


The assay provides reagents for Multiplex Amplicon-based NGS library preparation and is for professional use only.

The kit is based on the patented Reverse Complement PCR technology, providing a safe, robust and simple workflow, combining multiplex amplification in a single reaction, decreasing the risk of PCR contamination and sample swapping.


Compatible with almost all Illumina® NGS sequencing platforms

Ordering Information and Contents

Order Requirements

Kit Content: RC-TP53096-I (-20 °C storage) 





To be ordered separately: IDX096-U01D-I or IDX096-U02D-I (max 25 °C storage)



-RC-PCR Probe Panel A (REF: PM-TP53-A) Tube 24 μL
-RC-PCR Probe Panel B (REF: PM-TP53-B) Tube 24 μL
-2x Master Mix (Hot Start HiFi) (REF: MMHS096) Tubes 1.15 mL
-Probe Dilution Buffer (REF: RC-PDB) Tube 500 μL


-2x 96-well IDX* Primer Plates, dehydrated, coloured, 96 Unique Dual, 10 bp Indexes for Illumina® with Alpha Numeric Coding Caps
-2x 12 Domed 8-Cap StripsIDX* Primer Plates, dehydrated, coloured,


*IDX plates are semi-skirted, ABI style PCR Plates, breakable per 8 tubes, containing dehydrated and stabilized Unique Dual Index primer pairs in each well and a red tracking dye, ready to use.

The reagents do not contain any tissues or substances from human or animal origin.

Premium features
Premium features
CE-IVD approved
Indexing and amplification in a single tube and single reaction
Cost-efficient workflow, confidence in test results, choice and flexibility