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NimaGen & Nijmegen: Our DNA Helix Logo and the Waal Bridge, connecting the old city and a young, innovative vibe!


The Story behind NimaGen

NimaGen was founded in 2011 under the Biolegio Holding by Ruud van der Steen (CEO Biolegio) and Joop Theelen (former
Application- and Product Development Scientist at Applied Biosystems) with the desire to empower the DNA sequencing community. As our animation above shows, NimaGen is located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and our unique DNA helix in our company logo is based on the famous local landmark bridge called ''De Waal''. NimaGen specializes in life science applications in the molecular biology sector for both research and diagnostics.  Our portfolio consists of quality products for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis (CE), Next-generation Sequencing (NGS/MPS) and Nucleic Acid Extraction & Clean-up.


Our slogan “’Innovators in DNA Sequencing Technologies’’ reflects our novel NGS library preparation kits powered by Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) technology for Forensics, Human Genetics, Microbiology & Infectious Disease and Plant & Animal Genomics applications. For example, NimaGen’s SARS-CoV-2 kit has been used by governments and institutions around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic for variant surveillance, research and waste-water management. We continue to update this kit with novel coronavirus strains to support an adequate global response to the virus. Furthermore, NimaGen’s portfolio of premium Sanger-CE products ranging from instrument consumables to clean-up solutions will improve your workflow and reduce the costs of the analysis. 


Our highly qualified and resourceful application scientists of DNA sequencing applications are ready to support customers with their knowledge and service. By combining our in-house R&D and manufacturing with distribution of premium brands, NimaGen provides molecular biology labs a complete solution for gold-standard Sanger Sequencing and state-of-the-art RC-PCR powered
NGS/MPS Library Prep kits. We are your trusted partner with over a decade of tradition, quality and progress.


By combining our in-house manufacturing with distribution of premium brands, NimaGen provides the complete solution for molecular biology labs performing Sanger Sequencing and NGS Library Prep. Some of our featured brands are:

  • Biolegio premium quality custom DNA oligo synthesis, and Synthego™ CRISPR reagents
  • BrilliantDye™, NimaPOP™, Seq-DI™ and ReCAP™ Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis
  • iX-Pure™, D-Pure™, ExS-Pure™ cycle sequencing clean-up
  • EasySeq™ NGS Library Prep by Reverse Complement PCR
  • AmpliClean™ NGS Library clean-up
  • IDseek® MPS by Reverse Complement PCR
  • Alpaqua ® magnetic separation

Latest News

News | 14.03.23

LifeGene (Israel): Welcome to the NimaGen Distributor Network!

We are happy to share that we have set up a new collaboration with LifeGene Ltd. As of March 1st, 2023, LifeGene will exclusively distribute the NimaGen portfolio in Israel. This Israeli company, based in Modi’in, has been a longstanding partner of NimaGen. Now, we are strengthening the ties by setting up an official distribution agreement. LifeGene serves customers in biological, chemical, forensic as well as diagnostic fields. We look forward to supporting our customers in Israel with this collaboration.   
News | 07.12.22

Invent Technologies (Bangladesh) : Welcome to the NimaGen Distributor Network!

Invent Technologiesi was first incorporated in 2007 the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh. They aspire to transform Human Health, Livestock, Agricultural, Industrial and Environmental Sector for better human lifestyle through the power of genomics. We are looking forward to collaborating with Invent Technologies and are certain that they will provide our customers in Bangladesh with excellent support and service.