Human Genetics EasySeq™ NGS Library Prep for Identification of Prognostic and Predictive Markers


EasySeq™ Identification of Clinically and Biologically Relevant Genetic Mutations

Based on patented Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) technology, providing simple and safer NGS Library Prep workflows combined with high assay sensitivity, EasySeq™ offers an ideal solution for public health, research, and precision medicine laboratories, even those lacking NGS experience. 


Cancers and Cystic Fibrosis and CFTR-related Disorders

Too date, integration of targeted DNA capture and next-generation resequencing has been demonstrating to improve the ability to identify clinically and biologically relevant mutations. EasySeq™ NGS Library Prep by Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR) is the simplest, fastest and safest method for targeted DNA (re)sequencing of genes associated with cancers and cystic fibrosis and CFTR-related disorders.

Human Exome Sample Tracking

To support the independent confirmation of the identity of multiple samples, a true challenge during complex sequencing sample handling and preparation workflows, NimaGen developed an EasySeq™ SNP genotyping assay with 36 intragenic high variable SNPs, facilitating an effective QA via straightforward sample tracking of WGS and WES data.


Our product portfolio includes:

  • EasySeq™ Human Exome Sample Tracking Kit
  • EasySeq™ CFTR Full Gene Sequencing Kit
  • EasySeq™ CFTR Mutation Hotspot Sequencing Kit
  • EasySeq™ BRCA1/2 + CHEK2 Full Gene Sequencing Kit
  • EasySeq™ PALB2 Full Gene Sequencing Kit
  • EasySeq™ TP53 Full Gene Sequencing Kit