NimaPrime™ |
Conditioning Reagent 
for 3500/SeqStudio™ Flex

Product Information

RFID-labeled conditioning reagent pouch ready-for-use for priming and washing 

Intended use

Polymers are essential for peak separation for capillary electrophoresis during Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis processes. Unstable capillary electrophoresis can be caused by various factors, included but not limited to, a mixture of expired and non-expired polymers, different polymers being used on the instrument or polymers that were left for longer than the recommended time. 


In order to combat this, NimaPrime™ Conditioning Reagent can be used to prime the polymer pump, as well as wash both the pump and channels between switching polymer types or performing routine maintenance. The overall lifetime and performance of your polymer delivery pump on your genetic analyzer can also be extended as a result!


NimaPrime™ Conditioning Reagent is supplied as an RFID-labeled pouch with ready-for-use buffer applied to the connector end of the instrument pump. The pouch has adequate volume for one-time use. It is a proven, widely-adopted and high-quality buffer solution for maintenance of your Genetic Analyzer Series 3500/SeqStudio™ Flex Series pump systems. 


The RFID label is compatible with all Data Analysis Software versions of 3500 Series and SeqStudio™ Flex.


SeqStudio is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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