ExS-Pure™ | Enzymatic PCR Product Clean-up

Product Information

Rapid and Effective PCR Product Purification

In the Sanger sequencing workflow, it is necessary to remove excess primers and unincorporated nucleotides from the PCR reaction prior to sequencing, as any leftover primers can interfere with the strand-specific cycle sequencing reactions that will follow.


A proven highly effective method is the enzymatic clean-up of amplified PCR product, hydrolyzing excess primers and nucleotides in a single step, utilizing two recombinant hydrolytic and heat-labile enzymes, Exonuclease-I and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase.  


ExS-Pure™ is a ready-for-use reagent containing a well-balanced mixture of these effective enzymes and is the widely adopted drop-in alternative to ExoSAP-IT™. Prior to cycle sequencing, ExS-Pure™ is added directly to the PCR product, and clean-up is performed in a standard thermal cycler within 5 minutes. 


ExoSAP-IT is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.