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About us

Our quality policy

Our business policy is focused on continuity of Biolegio BV and NimaGen BV. We are convinced that this continuity can be ensured only when the care for the environment, good working conditions and quality are an integral part of the total enterprise. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is not only set up, but is also regularly maintained and checked on the effectiveness of our IMS. Our IMS is based on the following principles:




In terms of quality through Biolegio we deliver unique oligonucleotides, designed and as requested by our customers. Through Nimagen we deliver high quality reagents for Sanger and NGS sequencing. The product complies with the expectations of our customers. Even better is when we have surpassed all these expectations. To achieve this goal, we control our production process using our Integrated Management System. In addition, we take measures in order to maintain its effectiveness. 




Everyone should strive for continuous improvement of the results in terms of quality, working conditions and environment. These issues are of a great importance for a healthy future of both companies. The ideas of our staff and of our customers on this subject, will be very much appreciated. The Board will annually determine concrete and verifiable objectives relevant to the expectations of our customers and employees. The results are evaluated annually and new targets have been set. We will strive for continuous improvement.


Biolegio and Nimagen want to be the best in everything they do. We have set up an integrated management system that meets the highest requirements. This system will be used to manage the quality aspects of our company. We will comply with all relevant legal, business and contractual security obligations.


We will ensure that the risks, threats and vulnerabilities associated with our business are effectively identified, assessed and managed.


Our overall objective is to provide a high quality and secure service to all of our customers. We will do this by: 


  • Placing the highest value on being customer driven and meeting specific customer requirements and improving customer satisfaction;
  • Setting and monitoring achievement of specific improvement objectives;
  • Regularly reviewing service standards and focusing on improving overall efficiency and service standards;
  • Managing the quality and service management risks associated with our business;
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System                                                


Ruud van der Steen
CEO Nimagen BV