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Product Information

Revitalize and rejuvinate old and failing capillary arrays

Intended use

Capillary array as a carrier for polymers (e.g. POP™ and NimaPOP™ separation media) is critical for peak separation in Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis. At the end of the array life, it will not generate well-separated peaks. 


A new 3130 and 3730 Series Genetic Analyzer capillary array costs several thousands of dollars/euros; taking good care of the capillary array goes a long way for saving money and reducing operation cost in your sequencing laboratory. Before you throw out the array and purchase a new one, you want to make sure if the array can be saved by cleaning. It is normal that the array gets dirty after hundreds of runs and cannot perform optimally. 


Cleaning the array can be carried out using an inline capillary array regeneration kit like NimaGen’s ReCAP™ for 3130 and 3730 Series Genetic Analyzers. The ReCAP™ kit contains 4 different buffer solutions, to be applied sequentially to the pump blocks and capillaries via the instrument’s inbuilt Water Wash Wizard protocol.

Compatibility and Benefits

For maintainance of all capillary arrays of the 3130/3130xl and 3730/3730xl Series Genetic Analyzers.


ReCAP™ for 3130 and 3730 Series Genetic Analyzers has a few advantages and benefits:


Saving time: it takes a few hours rather than a few days if you choose to send it out to a third party to clean.

Saving money: it costs much less then a new capillary array. Regeneration extends the lifespan of the array, avoiding the cost of unnecessary early array replacement. 

No damage risk: there is no need to disassemble or reassemble the array.

No recalibration: there is no need for spectral and spatial calibration after array cleaning.

Maintain optimal performance: restore failing arrays to like new, seeing immediate data quality improvements.


POP is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific. NimaPOP is a trademark of NimaGen.

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