IDseek® Forensic Applications  
MPS library prep by Reverse Complement PCR


A complete range of MPS solutions

A complete range of MPS solutions for Forensic DNA anaysis, based on the unique, high sensitive RC-PCR, in combination with Illumina Sequencing. The most simple, robust and straightforward solutions for Forensic DNA analysis to enable an easy transfer from CE to MPS.


Short amplicons and to generate optimized results

All IDseek® kits are designed with short amplicons and to generate optimized results even with highly degraded DNA. It uses state-of-the art enzyme technology that results in robust assays, even on extremely low input and raw material. The IDseek® product range includes the following assays: 



  • OmniSTR™ Global STR kit, with 30 markers that cover all STR core loci from USA, EUR, Germany, UK and Interpol
  • mYSTR™ Y-Chromose STR multiplex kit
  • SNPID Short Amplicon, Identification by  Single Nucleotide Polymorphism kit for highly degraded DNA. Current version contains 85 SNPs
  • Mitochondrial HVR and Mito Whole Genome Sequencing kits

  • In development: Ancestry and Phenotypic SNP kit
  • Future: Age prediction by methylation analysis