AmpliClean™ Cleanup Kit, Magnetic Beads  (5 mL)

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€ 70,00
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Magnetic Bead-based Cleanup and Size Selection


AmpliClean™ provides highly efficient and cost-effective magnetic bead-based technology for high-throughput purification of PCR products. It requires no centrifugation or vacuum filtration steps. Purified products can be used directly for downstream applications such as Sanger sequencing, NGS or microarrays. With its high flexibility it can be applied for standard cleanup and size selection. 


AmpliClean™ magnetic beads are recommended for use in DNA sequencing workflows, from input DNA to sequencing-ready NGS libraries.


AmpliClean™ magnetic beads are the widely adopted alternative to AMPure XP beads for purification and cleanup.


The AmpliClean™ protocol is highly flexible for manual operation and can be easily incorporated in any liquid handling system. For both applications, NimaGen offers Alpaqua magnet plates, the leading brand for magnetic separation devices. The plates are used in combination with AmpliClean™ or other magnetic bead-based products.


Alpaqua magnet plates are optimized for automation platforms, using integrated Spring Cushion Technology, enabling maximized sample aspiration and protecting instruments and consumables.


AMPure XP is a trademark of Beckman Coulter.

Premium features
Premium features

Cost-efficient Workflow - Confidence in Test Results - Choice in Manual or Automated Workload Processing

High yield and purity of amplicons > 100 bp; consistent size selection
Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
Suited for manual or automated workflows
Optimal performance with Alpaqua 96S Super Magnet (identical to Beckman Coulter P/N A3278) or Magnum FLX™ Enhanced Universal Magnet
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