Keep it simple & safe

Introducing the EasySeq RCPCR based SARS-CoV-2 Whole Genome Sequencing technology.

Sequence your positive samples in a single reaction with the RCPCR technology. Reducing hands-on time by 80%.

Version 2 is now available and has 99% coverage at 50.000 reads per sample.


One step RNA Seq

One-step RNA sequencing is now available.

Add your RNA to the EasySeq RCPCR assay and get an Illumina ready library delivered.

cDNA synthesis, target amplification and illumina indexing is performed within 1 single-tube reaction.

The first assay where this is applied is the EasySeq Wintervirus detection kit.

Possible applications:

  • Detection / ID of viruses
  • RNA detection / ID of low abundance bacteria
  • Targeted RNA expression