Red-600 DNA Size Standard (600 bp) 400 µL

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Cost-efficient fluorescent size standards for ABI Genetic Analyzers


The Red-600 Fluorescent Size Standard is a fluorescent labeled ultra-accurate size standard for the reproducible sizing of fragment analysis peaks on any ABI Genetic Analyzer with a five-dye spectral calibration.


The size standard can be used for a variety of applications like Microsatellites, MLPA, Fragment Length analysis, Fragment Length Polymorphisms etc. Each of the DNA fragments is labeled with a ROX® compatible fluorophore resulting in a sharp red peak under denaturing conditions.

Premium features
Premium features

The standard contains 22 ROX-labeled, single-stranded fragments in the 45-595 nucleotides range with basepair lengths of 45, 72, 98, 128, 147, 167, 197, 227, 247, 267, 297, 327, 347, 367, 397, 427, 445, 465, 495, 525, 545, 565 and 595.

With this size standard, your own custom marker fragments can be labeled with three different dyes , for example FAM™, VIC® , NED™ or TAMRA®. Each kit contains sufficient standard for at least 800 analyses.

Cost-effective alternative for GeneScan™ size standards
Uniform peak height
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