NimaPOP 10x Running Buffer for 3500 Series (all Data Collection Software versions) incl. 4 x ABC and 4 x CBC RFID chips

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NimaPOP 10x Running Buffer for Capillary Electrophoresis


NimaPOP 10x Running Buffer, conveniently offered in a 60 mL bottle, for 4 refills. Just dilute, place self-adhesive RFID chips on the original Genetic Analyzer buffer containers, and refill those with the diluted NimaPOP running buffer. Buffer comes with 4x Anode Buffer (ABC) and 4x CBC (Cathode Buffer) RFID chips. 


NimaPOP running buffer and NimaPOP polymers are proven, widely adopted and high quality reagents for ABI Genetic Analyzers.


For 3500 Series Genetic Analyzers. Use with NimaPOP pouched polymers (compatible with all Data Collection Software versions) is recommended.

Premium features
Premium features

NimaPOP running buffers can be used without any requirement for changes in protocol, conditions or spectral calibrations.


The benefits of NimaPOP 10x running buffer with RFID chips for 3500 Series:

No need to buy separate ABC (Anode) and CBC (Cathode) buffers and associated disposable containers; for 4 refills
High stability, long shelf life
RFID chips for placement into both ABC (Anode) and CBC (Cathode) original containers included
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