Alpaqua® Racks - 24 x 15 mL Tube Rack (Closed-bottom)

SKU: A000280
Alpaqua Racks - 24 x 15 mL Tube Rack (Closed-bottom)
Product Information

Alpaqua® Racks - 24 x 15 mL Tube Rack (Closed-bottom)

Intended use

24 position SBS-compliant tube rack for tubes with a diameter of ~15 – 16.6 mm. Can be customized for tube diameter and height upon request.




SBS-compliant tube rack for use on liquid handlers to accommodate a range of tube types.  The standard diameter is 16.6 mm for a variety of tubes such as 15 mL centrifuge tubes (VWR, Axygen, BD, Corning, etc.), 12 mL KIMAX Culture tubes, Oragene OG-500 tubes and Tyco Monoject Tubes. Custom sizes available from ca. 12 – 17 mm.

Premium features
Premium features

High performance, great value

Open ALP position is required when using with 15 mL centrifuge tubes to allow the v-bottom to project through the floor of the tube holder. This offset is necessary to accommodate 1 mL tips due to height restrictions.

Holds up to 24 tubes
Compatible with a range of tube types from 15-16.6 mm in diameter
SBS footprint
No liquid handler deck changes required