Alpaqua Racks - 6 x 50 mL Tube Rack

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Alpaqua 50 mm Tube Rack


6 position tube rack for tubes up to 30 mm diameter.


SBS-compliant tube rack for use on liquid handlers to accommodate tubes from up to 30mm in diameter, including 50 mL centrifuge tubes.

Premium features
Premium features

High performance, great value

Reagents can easily be prepared on the benchtop and then simply place it on any open deck position and you’re ready to go!

Holds up to 6 centrifuge tubes with caps
Compatible with tubes up to 30 mm in diameter including 50 mL conical tubes
Usable as a benchtop or deck tube holder
SBS footprint

News | 07.12.22

Invent Technologies (Bangladesh) : Welcome to the NimaGen Distributor Network!

Invent Technologiesi was first incorporated in 2007 the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh. They aspire to transform Human Health, Livestock, Agricultural, Industrial and Environmental Sector for better human lifestyle through the power of genomics. We are looking forward to collaborating with Invent Technologies and are certain that they will provide our customers in Bangladesh with excellent support and service.
News | 17.10.22

Elite Traders (Pakistan): Welcome to the NimaGen Distributor Network!

Elite Traders have more than a decade of experience in the scientific community, which allows them to optimally assist our customers in Pakistan with their expertise. In addition, their four offices allow for a close collaboration with customers throughout the country. We are looking forward to our strengthened collaboration with Elite Traders and are positive that they will provide added value for our customers in Pakistan.