EasySeq™ 16S rRNA Bacterial ID Kit, 96 rxn

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16S rRNA Library Prep by Reverse Complement PCR

Bacterial Content Determination

The 16S rRNA gene is present in all bacteria, and consists of highly conserved nucleotide sequences, interspersed with variable regions that are genus- or species-specific.


EasySeq™ 16S rRNA Bacterial ID provides the complete analysis of the variable regions 1-6 and 9 of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene, based on the simplified workflow of Reverse Complement PCR, using integrated target amplification and indexing. 


EasySeq™ 16S rRNA Bacterial ID Kit supports an NGS driven bacterial identification strategy for infectious disease, contamination investigation and root cause analysis testing.

Platform Compatibility

All illumina® NGS sequencing platforms

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