EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit, 1 pool/sample, incl. PCR Master Mix, 96 rnx

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EasySeq™ 16S
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16S rRNA V3-V4 for Deconvolution of Complex Microbial Communities  

Intended use

All species of archaea and bacteria have a 16S gene that codes for the small subunit of the ribosomes. This gene has highly variable regions (V1 till V9) used for taxonomical classifications. The gene also has conserved regions that can be used as targets for primers to amplify the highly variable regions.


Through introduction of Next-generation Sequencing (NGS), the 16S rRNA method is now also widely used to deconvolute complex microbial communities. NGS is the best technique to study any microbiome as Sanger sequencing fails to detect multiple bacteria in one sample and culture is labor intensive and many bacterial species are extremely difficult to culture.


EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit, powered by Reverse Complement PCR (RC-PCR), provides a one-tube single reaction cost-effective workflow to characterize the microbiome through analysis of the hypervariable regions V3-V4. The main reason for using the V3 and V4 regions is that they contain the maximum nucleotide heterogeneity and display the maximum discriminatory power needed for complex samples, to evaluate bacterial diversity and detect the abundance of microbes in various sample types. Due to EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit high sensitivity, even extremely low abundant bacteria can be detected.


The multiplex RC-PCR generates one amplicon (V3-V4) that can be sequenced on Illumina® platforms MiSeq and NextSeq 1000/2000. Depending on the platform, up to 768 samples can be multiplexed.


Soon available: EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit for real-time, long-read nanopore sequencing!


Please note: EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit is designed to sequence the hypervariable regions V3 and V4 in a singleplex reaction, using a single amplicon. This requires one Unique Dual Index Plate for associated use.


The EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit allows direct amplification of DNA from environmental, feed and food, human or animal derived samples (e.g. gut, skin, feces) without the need for culture.


Are you interested in running an evaluation of the EasySeq™ 16S Microbiome Library Prep Kit? Please send us your request by selecting the 'Contact' button.

Premium features
Premium features

Cost-efficient Workflow - Confidence in Test Results - Choice in Sequencing Platform and Workload

One closed-tube, single reaction workflow with simultaneous indexing and target amplification reduces hands-on time, pipetting error and minimizes risk of sample contamination
Pre-spotted and breakable Unique Dual Index plates ensure accuracy, match your sample workload and ensure optimal usage, minimizing waste
Single tube sample pooling for library clean-up significantly reduces usage of required magnetic beads and consumables
Unique RC-PCR kinetics promote high-target specificity, sensitivity and coverage uniformity (optimized read depth balance) from low DNA input
Well-balanced read distributions and use of phase-shifted primers reduces PhiX spike-in, maximizing sequencing instrument flow cell capacity
Compatible with various Illumina® platforms and liquid handling systems for medium to high-throughput workflows; soon available for long-read nanopore sequencing