Seq-DI™ Formamide 250 mL

SKU: SDF-250
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Seq-DI™ Formamide for Sample Resuspension in Capillary Electrophoresis


Seq-DI™ (v2) is a highly deionized formamide, conveniently offered in 25 mL and 250 mL bottles.


Seq-DI™ Formamide is a proven, widely adopted and high quality sample loading reagent for ABI Genetic Analyzers. An economical alternative for Hi-Di™ (Hi-Di is a trademark of Applied Biosystems, LLC).


For 3730, 3130, 3100 and 310 Genetic Analyzers.

Premium features
Premium features

Minimizethe number of freeze-thaw cyclers as much as possible, as exposure to air may  impact the quality. It is recommended to aliquote in smaller volumes.


The benefits of Seq-DI™ Formamide:

Ensure sample preservation and resistance to evaporation
High signal and excellent performance after long storage
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