iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup Kit, Resin Based, 100 preps

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iX-Pure™ Resin-based DyeTerminator Removal

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The iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup Kit efficiently removes unincorporated dyeterminators and salt-ions from extension products cycle sequenced with BrilliantDye™ or BigDye™ chemistries. Resin-based clean-up is completed within 40 minutes. Purified dye-labeled extension products can be injected directly into Genetic Analyzers. The iX-Pure™ Dye Terminator Cleanup Kit is the proven drop-in alternative for BigDye XTerminator™.


iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup kits are widely adopted as proven, high-quality reagents for laboratories using 3100, 3130, 3500, 3730 Series Genetic Analyzers and SeqStudio™ Flex, and are compatible with BigDye XTerminator™ run modules.


BigDye, BigDye XTerminator and SeqStudio are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Premium features
Premium features

iX-Pure™ helps improving the sequencing workflow, either manually or automated, with reduced hands-on time and a minimum of consumables required.

Eliminate liquid transfer, using a single plate
Efficient removal of cycle sequencing reaction contaminants
Straightforward and rapid protocol
Reliable and reproducible results, excellent short fragment recovery
Compatible with BigDye XTerminator™ run modules
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